The Current Fee and other charges are as under:

a. Fee ( Tuition/Messing/Accommodation/Training etc.)

Junior School(I to V)
Prep School(VI to VIII)
Senior School (IX to X)
College Wing & O/A-Level

b. Other Charges

Admission Fee (Once at the time of admission)
Security Deposit(Refundable)However , no refund will be made in case boy leaves the college before completion of one year stay.
Exam Fee (Per Year)
Science /Computer Labs Fund(Quarterly)
Sports/Library Fund( Quarterly)


b. Payment of Dues

1. Dues will be paid in advance on quarterly basis.

2. All the dues once paid are not refundable and the manner of their Spending is not accounted for to the parents.

3. All dues are to be paid through a bank draft in favour of "Principal Cadet College Jhelum".

4. The payments should reach by the 10th of first month of each Quarterly. ie. January, April, July, October.



a. If dues are not received with in due date, the Cadets will be fined @ Rs.100 per day. Thereafter they are liable to be withdrawn from the college.

b. Re-admission (if approved by the principal) will be made on payment of Rs.5000 in addition to the fine.


It can be obtained from the College Office by hand on cash payment of Rs.500/- and by post Rs.600/- (For Foreign post Rs.900) through bank draft in the favour of "Principle Cadet College Jhelum".